Welcome to the second and third edition of Diaspora Positive Magazine International. It has been almost 12 months since the fi rst edition hit the news stand, creating a refreshing experience among the teeming readership of quality magazines in the London metropolis as well as in Africa and the rest of the world. The focus of Diaspora Positive Magazine is essentially to highlight and discuss the salient issues affecting most Africans as well as black and ethnic minority people living in the Diaspora. Most of these issues cut across social, religious national and supernatural divide and cleavages.

Diasporans are a special breed of people. They are drawn from a great number of countries across the globe, but are, to a large extent, concentrated in the western world. Beyond their well known roles as senders of remittances, Diasporans are well known as promoters of trade and foreign direct investment, as well as creators of businesses, with added skills in entrepreneurship. They also transfer new knowledge and skills to younger people. Diasporeans are also strong voices in the political development of Africa. Most of the impetus for political independence in Africa came from the Diaspora. Remember the contributions of nationalists and activists such as WEB Dubois, Marcus Garvey, and Booker T Washington. Their ideas and ideologies helped to quicken the pace of political independence in Africa. Development issues in the Diaspora are multifaceted. Despite the hard times and economic downturn, Diaspora population have taken these issues in their strides with philosophical equanimity.

Diaspora Positive Magazine celebrates people who have been able to achieve their dreams and followed their dreams. The same goes for nations that have been able to overcome their internal conflicts and cataclysms and are now on the path of internal peace and political re-engineering. The Republic of Congo is one those countries that have been battered by civil war and strife. However, substantive progress has been made over the last few months in the political structures of the Congo following the emergence of the Head of State, President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo. This magazine salutes his monumental efforts towards sustainable development in the Republic. This edition has devoted substantial space to the events in the Congo.

The long gap between the fi rst and second edition has been caused partly by the economic downturn caused partly by the novel covid-19 pandemic which has caused unnecessary hardship to a vast majority of the earth population. The onset of the pandemic may likely exacerbate and escalate political and economic problems globally. The main critical challenges that are likely to fester would include immigration, unemployment, lack of access to health facilities, lack of diversity, inequality, urban underdevelopment or decay and human capital underdevelopment amongst others. However political development in Africa remains a big concern for the Diaspora people.

There is no doubt that many individuals in the Diaspora have been able to overcome some of the extant challenges and have become heroes and heroines, because they followed their visions and dreams. Vision is the principal thing for every individual. Old people will dream dreams while young men will see visions (Joel 2.28). Our prayers are for you to realise your dreams and to run with your vision. Do not be afraid of the obstacles. Trust your intuition. There is abundant excitement when you realise your dreams. Step out of your comfort zones. Change your mindset and be a winner.

Readers are welcome to send us feedbacks on any aspect of the magazine. This will improve on the subsequent edition.

Enjoy your reading

Emmanuel Urhiofe


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