Welcome to our debut edition of Positive Diaspora Magazine.

By His special grace, I welcome readers to this fresh edition of Positive Diaspora magazine. It comprised of a pot-pourri of interviews and stories that are carefully packaged to enlighten, educate and entertain you. Societies are moved by individuals with motivation and God’s given wisdom together with determination and vision. In an era dominated by austerity, Brezit talks and economic uncertainty, we still have individuals who are blazing the trails and weathering the storm.

It is therefore important that the young people learn from these individuals. How many people read biographies these days? Young people are only concerned with the present, without examining the past in its context. Post modernism has changed the context of thinking and behaviour in the modern world. It is for this reason that Positive Diaspora Magazine is devoted to developing a positive philosophy of life.

Our lead story, which incidentally is in French, is about the coronation of the newly elected President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, who on December 30, 2018 became the 5th President of the DRC. The election which went in tandem with the National and Provincial Legislative Assemblies was reported to have been successful despite the intense frustrations observed among the population in the aftermath of the proclamation of the election results.

Observers adjudged the election as a remarkable milestone in a country suffused with oratorical wrangling and crazy accusations, that dogged the exit of former Present Joseph Kabila, who bestrode the political landscape of DRC for 8 years, like a colossus. The departing president will always remain the master of its own fate which opens largely in front of him, in a larger than life scenario. In pure political terms, Mr Kabila is manifestly super practical, and knew how to capitalize his capacities and capabilities by putting a lot into this job.

He kept on reminding the Congolese people of their duty as citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo, especially at the crucial period of electoral fortunes during the which the people were expected to exhibit their moral and organic bond, as well as their selfless, faithful and unconditional love for the Republic. The stage is now left for the new President, to demonstrate his transformational agenda for a country that has seen internecine and ethnic wars for the past 30 years.

Of course, there are other personal profile stories and feature that will interest you in this fresh edition. For example, Mrs Alakija, one of the richest women in Africa give insight into her many charity projects while the magazine outlined the profile of Ms Dianne Abbott, one of the most prolific female British Black politician that has graced the ranks of the British Labour Party.

There are many more features articles that will engage your attention. What people need in this present age are people with leadership quality, people who sincerely loved God, people who are charismatic, people with empathy as well as being knowledgeable in capacity building and how to build businesses which are sustainable for the good of the community and the world in general.

Many heroes and heroines within the British ethnic minority population have remained uncelebrated. The purpose of this magazine is to highlight their achievements and their roads to success. This will serve as a reference point and benchmark for the oncoming young generation.

Again, many events and ceremonies within the community still remain unreported, leaving a big lacuna in the media reporting in the UK. Readers are advised to call the magazine advert hotline regarding any of such events. The magazine also welcomes feedbacks from readers regarding any features or stories that have been published. This will refine our next edition.

I am sure you will enjoy the high-quality print and glossy photos in this edition. We will continue to refine our future edition. courtesy of the professionalism of the members of the editorial board, who have been tried and tested in the media industry.

One more time, I say Welcome and enjoy your reading.